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Relaxed Accommodation in Platamonas

The unique combination of modern accommodation and traditional hospitality, create the ideal atmosphere for those looking for a warm family hotel with pool in Platamonas. Suitable for families, couples or a group of friends, ZEUS hotel welcomes you to enjoy a relaxed accommodation in Platamonas, while staying in beautifully landscaped rooms next to the beach.

Beautiful designed rooms in Platamonas

The facilities of ZEUS Hotel are ideal for couples, friends and family vacations. The excellent intermixture of comfort, sea or mountain-view rooms featuring modern amenities and personal service, the extreme beauty of Olympus Mountain and the endless golden sandy beaches are bound to make your stay unforgettable. Warm welcome feeling, colourful memories and infinite moments of relaxation and entertainment sensed all over your stay at ZEUS Hotel make this charming hotel with spacious and comfortable rooms next to the beach, an ideal settlement for holidays or romantic getaways at Platamonas, Pieria.

The beauty of liberal space and attention to fine details create a serene environment for relaxation and contemplation. Dedicated to comfort, ease and an elegantly simplistic style, original details have been revitalized alongside with chic, contemporary comforts in order to satisfy the family or the couple who are looking for a relaxed accommodation in Platamonas, while exploring all the opportunities of Pierias region.


holidays for Families and Couples

Searching ideal conditions for your stay near Katerini and Southern Pieria, you will find a lot of family hotels from Katerini to Larisa city. ZEUS Hotel is renowned for its leading feeling of intimacy, unparalleled services, warm atmosphere, friendliness and sense of romance uniquely combined in an exceptional setting and natural environment in Platamonas, Katerini inviting its guests to experience moments of pure luxury.

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